Why Advertise with us.

Suburban Parent Magazines help raise awareness and generate business for our advertisers by connecting them with their desired market and reaching affluent, educated DFW area families monthly with insightful, relevant editorial. Unlike any other parenting magazine, we offer:

Strategic Targeted Reach – With six different monthly editions to reach local markets in and around DFW, advertisers have the ability to pick and choose which geographic markets best reach their desired audience. So advertising is scalable and affordable and there is no wasted media spend. Run in all six editions and leverage a distribution of 130,000 monthly, 300,000+ readership, and over a million publications annually.

Convenient Distribution – Suburban Parent is found in highly visible locations that are frequently visited by parents; including, private schools, high-end daycare centers, grocery stores, doctors’ offices (OB-Gyns, Pediatric Dentists and Doctors), libraries, rec centers, and YMCAs to name a few. We are in more than 1,800 locations in and around DFW areas and these locations are audited monthly to make certain they received their current publications.

Affluent Local Readers – In addition to well-located distribution points, almost 20% of Suburban Parent Magazines are also directly mailed to select homes in each market with the highest property values. So we arrive in the hands of well-educated moms and dads who are key decision makers for their families and have a high disposable income at their discretion.

Locally Relevant Content – Each month, in print and online, we feature local resources, happenings and a calendar of events to keep our families in the know and help support local business and commerce.

Insightful Parenting Editorial – Suburban Parent offers well-researched features that inform, educate, entertain and delight. We stay on top of trends that matter and provide our readers with what they need to know for their growing family. Whether you’re just starting a family of your own or you’re an involved grandparent, we are a valuable resource for the whole family.

Trusted Experience – We’ve been a trusted monthly parenting resource for loyal readers for 18 years. Starting first with Irving Parent, then expanding market to market with our Suburban Parent magazines with continued success; and launching our Dallas Parent publication has broadened our offering with the same expertise and clout we’ve had for over a decade. We are happy to say we are thrilled that our DFW Latino families have a magazine to call their own too, with Familia DFW, our Spanish publication that serves all Dallas-Fort Worth areas.

Quality & Integrity – Quality is a top priority and we take every measure to ensure excellence with our world-class team of editors, designers, account managers, etc. We also have an aggressive auditing team for circulation/distribution verification and a very low average return rate (3 percent).

Results – Our advertisers tell us month after month, “ Suburban Parent works!” It is targeted, affordable and effective. (Testimonials available.)

Local Ownership – Suburban Parent is locally owned and operated. Our committed staff is skilled at their jobs, passionate about our product and receive gratification through the success of our advertisers. Our editors understand the pulse of the reader, and responding to the needs of our community is our mission.

We look forward to helping you reach your desired market and grow your business!

About Suburban Parent

Suburban Parent magazines, a family lifestyle publication  are a must read for 300,000+ local families. With 18 years of experience, our loyal readers continue to seek us out in print and online with six different editions serving communities in and around DFW. Our expert editors “live the content” and recognize the rapidly changing needs and concerns of a growing family. Suburban Parent magazines stay on top of trends that matter and infuse editorial with topicality and pop culture as well as good moral values in a language that relates to today’s families and their fast paced, digitally driven lifestyle. We deliver relevant advertising and are a trusted source for up to the minute tips, ideas, news, and local resources that will inform, inspire, and help the whole family.

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