Parker-Chase Preschool Plano

At Parker-Chase Preschool, we provide high quality education programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and pre-kindergarten aged children, as well as after school and summer camp programs for children ages five to twelve years old. We pride ourselves in having an inspirational, engaging, fun and responsive learning environment. Our colorful rooms with learning centers and lofts create the ideal atmosphere for children to learn through a combination of self-instructed play and teacher-planned experiences that stimulate physical, intellectual and emotional growth. We have creative indoor and outdoor play areas, rich in materials, toys and equipment that inspire young children to flourish.

Our preschool is accredited by NAEYC, ensuring the best learning experiences for young children and educators with national standards of quality. Our exciting curriculum is based on experiential learning, which encourages hands-on experiences through various stimulating activities. We aim to instill independence and self-worth in each child by giving them opportunities to move around the classroom at their own pace and select the activities that interest them.

We have a team of educators that is extremely experienced, educated, and collaborative. Our low student-teacher ratio ensures that each child receives personalized attention. Many of our teachers hold degrees in child development and early childhood education. Our staff is committed to building life-long partnerships with families and working together to help each child succeed in an intimate learning environment with ongoing, open communication daily.

Our campus is safe and secure for all of our children and employees. We have installed video monitored entry accessed by key code technology, and we perform instant checks on visitors and vendors to ensure a safe environment. We have also implemented custom and comprehensive emergency preparedness plans developed by former Secret Service agents. 100% of our staff is trained to deliver the best outcomes in emergency scenarios.