Pampering you!

Pampering you!

Now that the kids are back in school, it’s time for moms to take care of themselves! Setting aside nurturing time for a facial, massage or simply time to relax at home is very important to keep yourself healthy. We know you want to be the best you can be for your family; so when you find yourself feeling run down or stressed, make sure to schedule in a time for “self-pampering!” And for working moms, maybe schedule a personal day – you deserve some alone time and self-pampering at home.

After School (drop-off) Enrichment for moms

An at home Spa Day would not be complete without a long soak in a hot bath! Bath bombs or fizzies are the perfect addition to your bath. Why spend money on expensive bath bombs when you can make them yourself? Get the how to at


Repair dull yellow nails with sliced lemon and cucumber in a bowl of cool water. Soak hands for ten minutes. Use an orange stick to push back cuticles.