Struggling with Infertility? Struggling with Infertility?

Struggling with Infertility?

We know this to be the most frustrating experience for women looking to conceive. So don’t be hard on yourself.

How about some easy recommendations?

Starting with (you guessed it) your diet. Getting your body ready for conception is the first step towards a healthy pregnancy, and the power of good nutrition is what drives us to better health. Although you are unable to control all of the causes of infertility, you are in control of your eating habits. So, along with your significant other, start by eating more plant vegetables, healthy monounsaturated fats (instead of saturated and trans fats), choose whole grains, and include calcium-rich foods.

Don’t forget Folic Acid!

Although it won’t make you more fertile, it’s very important for women trying to conceive to get 400 micrograms per day of folic acid from supplements, or foods like dark leafy green vegetables and fortified grains.

Try a Fertility Lubricant.

Ovulation is the best time to conceive so while you’re trying, use a fertility lubricant like BabyDance™ which is the only fertility lubricant cleared by the FDA; isotonic and made without parabens. A water-based, non-Irritating formula with botanical extracts to support optimal vaginal health. You can find it at for only $19.95.