The Creative, Colorful Bowl The Creative, Colorful Bowl

The Creative, Colorful Bowl

The new concept of “Bowling” is here to stay, and for good reason.

It’s more than a trend, and bowls are not just for soup, cereal and ice cream. This new generation of bowls are uniquely arranged with foods like lean protein, vegetables (like, charred broccoli), smashed cucumbers, rice mixed with quinoa, nuts, etc. This diverse good-for-you trend may be a gift from Generation Z (17 and under group). Food bowls have been around for a bit; however, the Generation Z group is making them even more diverse, by looking for ethnic cuisines. Just take a look through Instagram, and you can see the unique, creatively packed bowls of, well, goodness!

Hey, experiment with unique foods this season

Create meals from different ethnicities like Greek, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, Mexican, African, Lebanese and more. You can find inspiration on Pinterest. Maybe even eat from a bowl!