Bryan's House

Bryan's House

Everyone loves Bryan’s House

Bryan’s House has evolved to serve children with a variety of medical and development needs. They receive specialized care, and families are getting the support they need to remain self-sufficient, prevent homelessness, and thrive for the long term.

Bryan’s House provides an amazing suite of services under two umbrella programs: On-site Direct Child Care, Respite Care and Camps, and Off-site Medically Integrate Casework and Family Support Services (FSS). The on-site location in West Dallas is a fun environment and integrates on-site nursing with a high-quality education, therapy, and developmental model geared to each child’s needs. The NAEYC accredited Early Education Program for children 0 to 5 years of age uses the HighScope Curriculum.

Bryan’s House serves children living with Autism, Down Syndrome, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Heart Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, neurological diseases and disorders, developmental delays and disorders, catheters and feeding tubes.

Bryan’s House also provides referrals for service and support in cases of trauma from abuse, abandonment, addition, and sex trafficking with other community partners. By providing job training, financial literacy, access to technology, language, GED or other further education resources Brayn’s House is also raising families out of poverty.

What really makes Bryan’s House unique is that they provide on-site daily specialized therapy to the children they serve. Children are reaching milestones and achieving miracles now that they have access to great care.

No one else provides these combined services in DFW.

Visit to learn how you can get involved or to make a donation that directly impacts the children we serve.

$30 provides baby food for a day

$50 provides diapers for three days

$100 funds milk for a week


  1. Medically Managed Child Care
  2. Nationally Recognized Early Childhood Education
  3. Access to Individualized Therapy
  4. Family Support to Thrive

Bryan’s House

3610 Pipestone Road  |  Dallas, Texas 75212