​MedSpring Urgent Care

​MedSpring Urgent Care

Accidents happen. People get sick. Getting a last minute appointment with your primary physician is virtually impossible and a trip to the ER can be costly. At MedSpring, we strive to be a quick and efficient walk-in medical clinic, that also provides high-quality care and exceptional service to each patient.

MedSpring is there when you need us most. From sore throats and fevers to bumps, bruises, and breaks, we have a professional medical team available every day at our centers to treat a wide range of illnesses and injuries to help you get back to better… quickly and comfortably.

Urgent Care or Emergency Room?

According to a number of national studies, 60% of ER visits could be better served in an urgent care setting and those ER visits can last up to 4 hours. MedSpring Urgent Care centers offer convenient, high-quality care close to home, errands or work at a fraction of the cost of an ER. The majority of urgent care visits last an hour or less.

Of course, for life-threatening illnesses or injuries your nearest emergency room is the best place for care. If you are at rist of losing your life, or a limb, call 911 right away.

Urgent Care trips usually take less than One Hour

ER visits average OVER Four Hours in the US

An Urgent Care visit is around $50

A co-pay for an ER visit can cost MORE THAN $1500

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