Familia DFW

Familia DFW

Why advertise with us?

Because our readers are your customers! We raise awareness and generate business for our advertisers by connecting them with this desired market and reaching affluent, educated families monthly with insightful, relevant editorial.

• Strategic Targeted Reach

With  130,000 monthly editions reaching local families in and around DFW, advertisers have the ability to market their brands to the rapidly expanding purchasing power of Hispanics.

• Convenient Distribution

Our publications can be found at 1800+ highly visible locations that are frequently visited by parents, including private schools, daycare centers, grocery stores, doctors’ offices, libraries, rec centers, and YMCA’s to name a few.

• Home Delivery

A portion of our publications are direct-mailed right into the mailboxes of homes with disposable income.

• E-Mag

Our readers can enjoy our easily accessible magazines through suburbanparent.com.

Sorry There are No Articles for Familia DFW

Please check back in a few days as we are always changing the site.

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