Is she ready for a professional dance studio?

Is she ready for a professional dance studio?

Q. My daughter has taken dance lessons since she was 3 years old. She’s now 8. What is the best time or age to start looking towards putting her in a professional dance studio?

A. From the ages of 3-5 years, the students are learning how to take a class, enhancing basic motor skills and dance vocabulary. Early lessons help develop attention span. Once they attend school, they have learned to think. Now the dancer is ready to focus and apply their mind to the physical effort of technique. Twice a week classes should be expected by age 8, whether at a professional school with a company or any reputable studio. Most professional ballet schools, such as Royal Ballet or Bolshoi Ballet don’t start serious training until age 10. Above all, the dancer must love it. Our passion must guide our heart.

Academy of Dance Arts

Q. I loved dancing when I was a kid. I can’t wait for my daughter to take ballet lessons too! But, she’s only 2. I also have a son, age 5, and I would love to convince him that ballet is for boys too! How young is too young to start lessons?

A. Two year olds do a great job in ballet class! The curriculum for this age group, as well as other preschool children, should be based solely on gross motor skill development and coordination. And for your son, there are so many opportunities for boys in the ballet world. They are always in demand. Think college scholarships as well as jobs available for boys who become proficient in the art form. Science shows us that learning dance steps results in boosting memory and reasoning skills, and this can help your child in many aspects, especially with improving their learning skills.

Les Jordan, Executive and Artistic Director, North Central Ballet