Which musical instrument is right for my 6 year old?

Which musical instrument is right for my 6 year old?

Q. Which musical instrument should my 6 year old child start with? Piano, Harp or Violin?

A. Typically the recommendation is to start with piano first. By learning to read both the treble and bass clef and playing both hands, students develop more complex brain connections. In addition, pianists also learn to use their right foot on the damper pedal when playing songs which also creates more complex coordination making the brain work at an even more complex level. The piano keys are also much easier to play for little fingers because they are right in front of the child and are smooth to the touch. Lastly, once a student has learned the basic music rudiments in 1-2 years of piano study, they can easily transition into playing guitar or harp or violin.


Q. Is it true that music lessons can “feed the brain” and impact a child’s brain architecture?

By Zoe Schommer, Owner of RBR Muzik and Arts

A. If you want your child to get better grades in school, consider music lessons. It’s been proven in recent studies that children who are given exposure to music lessons at an early age have improved language development, test scores, brain connectivity and spatial intelligence. So, if you have a young child at home, get them involved in music! It doesn’t matter what instrument, or even if their lessons are for a short time. Ideally, begin music training before the age of 7, as it is proven to have the greatest effect on the brain’s anatomy. Suzuki based methods can take students as young as 3 years old, using a language based approach to learning. Whatever method or instrument, give them music and feed their brain!


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