get  alarmed

get alarmed

Kids Personal Security Alarm By iMaxAlarm

Designed to mimic a standard key fob, this keyring alarm is small but sounds a powerful call for help. Pull the top for an ear-splitting 130-decibel alarm that is as loud as a jet taking off. Pop the top back in to stop the sound. It's reusable and can attach to a backpack or be worn around your neck—perfect for kiddos walking home from school, waiting at the bus stop, or anytime for extra peace of mind., $16.95

Mark Your Location

This 2x2 tracking device easily attaches to a backpack, arm band or back pocket and is Bluetooth enabled to locate a person whether there is cell service or not! In fact, it can also be attached to a tent, on top of a car, backpack or other objects to help a trail seeker find their way back to their original location! You can also alert others to be included in your search of anything or anyone. $39.99,