GOOD for mom and baby GOOD for mom and baby

GOOD for mom and baby

Singing, it seems, is scientifically proven to be good for both new moms and their babies. Studies say singing to our babies keeps them calm, triggers pro-social behavior later in life, and is a potential precursor to educational success and emotional well-being. And now, a new study found that singing lullabies to their babies helped women recover quicker from postnatal depression symptoms. The study followed 134 mothers suffering from PND for 10 weeks. The women were separated into singing and non-singing groups. While both groups reported improvement in their symptoms after 10 weeks, the singing group did so faster and at a higher rate. This is not the first time singing has been noted to have positive effects on the brain. Join us in a round of Frère Jacques?

Try Lullabies for Lil’ Lambs

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“Music is fundamental in nurturing your baby’s physical, mental, and social development” — Munoz