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active mothers

A 2014 study that followed over 500 mothers and their preschool children found that the amount of physical activity that a mother and her child did each day was closely related. In the study, both mother and child were fitted with activity monitors. The findings suggest that mom is the biggest influence on the activity level of her kiddos because the more active mom was the more active her child was. While that’s interesting and all, it has to make you wonder. Is it really the moms setting the activity pace for the children or the other way around? Show of hands - how many of us have had to chase our kids around? Right?

Get Jumping!

Jumping rope can burn between 10-16 calories per minute! That’s around 200 calories per 15 minutes. Or 300 plus calories per 30 minutes. It’s a high intensity, yet low impact cardio workout that forces you to use your brain and body simultaneously (so you don’t trip). All you need is a little space, some good shoes, a snug sports bra and a quality rope. To make sure it’s the right size, step on the center of the rope. The handles should come up to your armpits. Think back to your childhood jumping days. Just beware; if you haven’t jumped since then, it’s going to take some time to get the hang of it again. Do it with your kids!