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All About Pregnancy

What's your Body Craving?

No one knows for sure why we crave what we do when we’re pregnant. Some say it’s our body’s way of letting us know that it needs something. Specifically something it’s lacking. It’s our taste buds that turn it into something enticing. Craving a chocolate milkshake? Maybe you need calcium. A big juicy burger? Maybe you need protein. You could certainly look for healthier alternatives to meet these needs. And be careful about using cravings as excuses. Not craving anything? You’re probably getting a good balanced diet already.

Nauseous Anyone?

As I'm sure you already know, morning sickness is that nauseous feeling you have in early pregnancy. It may or may not be accompanied by vomiting and can actually occur any time of day, not just mornings. It affects about 80 percent of all pregnant women, but we still don’t really know why. Probably hormones. It usually begins around week 6 and ends around week 12 (although sometimes it sticks around the whole pregnancy). While certainly no fun for mom, in most cases, it won’t hurt the baby. Eating small meals often (before you get hungry) can help. Steer clear of spicy foods. And don’t skip meals. Some say a ginger supplement helps too. If symptoms are severe, you should talk to your doctor.

Remember your Friends

Becoming a mother is a huge life transition and the postpartum period presents the highest risk for mental health throughout a woman’s life. It’s estimated that clinical postnatal depression affects 10-20% of mothers while 70-80% of moms experience some sort of baby blues. Research shows, though, that women who positively embrace their new role of mother as part of their identity are less likely to experience depressive symptoms. Same goes for women who maintain connections with their social groups after baby arrives. So hold that baby proudly, but hold on to your friends too.